Thursday, October 12, 2006

Superhero Video Game Updates

Months after Superman Returns, the movie, exited all but a few of the budget theaters, the video game will finally be coming to a store near you. It actually looks pretty cool - much more action packed than the movie. Click here for the game trailer. If you want to know more about the game, CBR News has a very indepth discussion of it on their site.
Supposedly the release date is November 22, which is wierd because that's a Wednesday, not a Tuesday. If you're interested in the game, we can sell you a copy here at Neptune, and have it in time for release day. Just let us know the game system format you need.

Last week I posted the trailer for the Justice League Heroes game. According to Gamespy it will be coming out next week Tuesday. The site describes the game like this:
Justice League Heroes features a pantheon of DC Comics' greatest costumed superheroes, specifically the most notable Justice League heroes made popular by the animated television series. The core members of the Justice League in the video game are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Martian Manhunter and Zatanna. This will be your core group of characters, although several more full-featured characters are unlockable, and within each mission in the game, a buddy system is in effect, so you'll choose the best two characters for each mission. You can either have the AI control your character, which can be set to offensive and defensive routines, or you can have a friend jump in at any time, playing through the game's 50+ levels cooperatively.

The basic plot centers on the Justice League as they foil Brainiac's plot to destroy humanity -- what else is there for a bored, robotic megalomaniac to do? From the in-game cinematic sequences I was able to watch, it was made clear that this isn't the happy-go-lucky team you may remember from Super Friends. There's definite tension between characters, especially wherever Batman is involved, as revealed when he shrugs off Superman's greeting, stating that he never asked for any help against a robot invasion on Metropolis, with a delivery that absolutely drips with venom.

The environment is also a key part of the gameplay experience, as nearly every object you can see can be picked up, uprooted, or otherwise hefted for use as a melee weapon or projectile, similar to what we saw from Irrational Games' stellar Freedom Force. Physically weaker characters (comparatively) like the Flash and Zatanna can pick up smaller objects to add some more weight to their hand-to-hand attacks, while Superman, Wonder Woman and the like can toss around cars and batter-up with lamp posts and tree trunks.
For more information you can read the entire Gamespy article by clicking here. Again, if you want a copy let us know the format and we can order it. But since release date is so close, I can't guarantee that we'll have it on that date.

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