Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fables Special - Check it out Tomorrow!

I LOVE Fables. It is absolutly my favorite comic book out right now. The art is so great, and the stories are very well crafted and fun--it has action, romance, commedy, mystery - everything. If you've never tried it out, SHAME ON YOU!! Here's your chance to see how fantastic it is...tomorrow there's a 25 cent special that's a reprint of the very first issue, plus a sneak peak of the graphic novel "1001 Nights of Snowfall" another Fables based story. Seriously, just check it out. It is really so good - I know plenty of men that read it too, so don't pretend it's only for girls. For 25 cents you CAN'T not check out this amazing comic book!

DC's Solicitation description:

Don't miss this specially priced reprint of the classic FABLES #1, featuring a sneak peek at FABLES: 1,001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL! This is the issue that introduced Jack, Snow White, Bigby Wolf and the citizens of Fabletown, setting the stage for Bill Willingham's Eisner award-winning Vertigo series. A perfect entry point for new readers, this issue also includes ads highlighting FABLES collected editions and more.


Michael Rawdon said...

I've been reading Fables since the beginning, and I've enjoyed it all along. It's one of the few comics my girlfriend reads! (Her other favorite is Boneyard.)

It's certainly not 'only for girls'. And conversely one woman who read it was kind of disgusted with the real-world treatment of fairy tale characters.

Hopefully it'll have a good, long run.

SallyP said...

Fables is wonderful, and I have a full blown crush on Bigby Wolf. I'm feeling a little smug because for once in my life I actually started at the beginning. Can hardly wait for 1001 Nights of Snowfall.