Friday, October 20, 2006

Need a Good Laugh?

If you do, then check out Civil Wardrobe. It's SO funny and completely pokes fun at Marvel Comics and Civil War. Even if you're not reading Civil War but know Marvel's major players, it's still funny!

You can click on the images above to enlarge them and actually read the pages.

It starts out with an introduction that completely makes fun of not only the lateness of the Civil War series, but also at the "fans" who went nuts on the internet claiming that they'd never buy comics again. It continues on with that group of comics fans gathering in a bedroom complaining about the state of Marvel Comics and planning their revolt. Then suddenly they blow up - again poking fun at the event in Marvel that starts the whole war. We see some news coverage, the President making a speach, Captain America and Iron Man fighting, and Tony Stark decides that the whole Civil War needs to be remade into...the Civil Wardrobe. The pages above are splashes of Tony's "reinvented" super heroes. I've posted a few of my favorites here, but all of them are pretty funny, like Deaddevil (a jab at Ben Affleck's portrayl) and The Probation Officer (a more politically correct Punisher). After a bunch of these character splashes, we return to Captain America fighting with Tony Stark, but being saved by one of his recreated heroes. The final page is above too, where they poke fun at the characters again, as well as some big names in comics and big comic events.

It's really a fun parody that pokes fun at the current comic book status-quo a little bit. And who can't laugh at it, right? If you haven't picked it up and you'r in the mood for a good laugh, you should check it out. We still have some in stock, by the way.

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