Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What you've Been Waiting For

Today there was only one comic coming out that looked like it was extremely late. However, there are a bunch of comics that, if they came out this week, would already be several months late, that STILL aren't coming out - so they'll continue to get later and later while the on-time books seem to be keeping the pace. For example, All Star Batman And Robin #4 came out 5/17/06 (hmmm, that's longer than every other month, isn't it?), I FINALLY saw Cryptics #2 in Previews--the 1st issue came out in July and Gargoyles had it's first issue come out 6/21 but I still haven't seen issue #2, Daredevil Father is so late on the last issue that I don't even have a record of when the last issue came out, so it was before April 5. Ultimate Wolverine V Hulk is another that's been so long since the last issue that I can't even find a record of it. This comic is like the store joke because people keep asking when it's coming out and just when the date starts to get close Marvel will push it back another month or two. This last time Ult Wolverine V Hulk was supposed to show up last week, which it did NOT - Marvel pushed the date back to December 27.

The best of the late comics this week is DC Comics' Teen Titans #40. Issue 39 came out 9/27, so it's been over a month now. I'd really like to see this get back on-scheudule because we've seen sales slow even though the loyal readers have said that the story has REALLY gotten good.

Another DC title comes in at second latest. Green Lantern #14, issue 13 came out 9/13. Just a week shy of being a full month late. I'm glad 52 is on time, but DC needs to do a better job of keeping these other major titles on schedule. They shouldn't assume that just becaue they're about major characters and written by the top-tier writers, that people won't drop a title when it becomes too hard for them to keep track of when it comes out or get sick of waiting for it.

The final book is a Marvel title, but part of the delay is that they weren't the original publisher of the series, Dabble Brothers was. This is Magician Apprentice (originally titled Raymond Feist Macician Apprentice). #3 of this series comes out this week, but #2 was seen on 7/6/06. Marvel did do a reprint of the first 2 issues, so that people who missed it or can't find them in their comic boxes can pick it up and get into it.

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