Monday, November 06, 2006

Identity Theft Scam

This scam isn't brand new, but apparently there have been recent hits in our area with this scam. I know it's not comic book related, but sometimes I just feel the need to perform Public Service Announcements.

This scam involves the caller telling the person who answers the phone (victim) that he/she (the victim) failed to report for jury duty and that they've got a warrant out for his/her arrest. Then, when the victim replies that they never received a summons, the caller asks for the victim's social security number and birth date, and sometimes other personal information as well.

Courts are too lazy to call people - almost all of their communication is done via regular U.S. mail. In addition, they never ask for your social security number. So, don't buy into this scam or you could really be sorry! I had someone get ahold of my credit card number once, but I caught it quick and it was only a bit of a scare and a minor inconveniece - if a con artist gets your social security number all bets are OFF!

You can click here or do a google search for identity theft and jury to read more about this specific identity theft scam.

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