Monday, November 20, 2006

When it Rains it Pours... Update

Thanks to everyone for their concern! Good to know people care. Here's my update on how thing's have worked out so far:

We managed to get rid of the most expensive item (a $350 mummy statue from Sideshow) via eBay. Thankfully we didn't even loose money on it - which is what usually happens when we get stuck unloading stuff on the Bay. So, we're doing better there. And the other people, well one guy did get his item, he complained about it a bit, but did finally buy it. And another guy assures us he will EVENTUALLY pick up his stuff, so we just have to give him some time, I guess. But we'll definately require a non-refundable downpayment on these higher-end things in the future.

Oh, to ad insult to injury, on Friday we got an order that we thought was Marvel Icons, but turned out to be Showdown figures. Craig has NO IDEA how he screwed up and bought a case of the darn things. I thought about bashing him about the chest and head, but instead I just told him to put those on eBay too. And, as luck would have it, while no one bought the first wave when we had them, it seems that they do fairly well on eBay, so we should have our money back in no time.

The heat... we did have a second contractor come out, and pay out another $200, on top of the $266 we already spent. This guy had it working, but told us he couldn't guarantee anything because the furnace is 1. too dang old and 2. not really big enough for the way our heating system is set up here (we don't have any cold-air returns). It worked Friday, and I don't think Kelly Ann turned it on at all on Saturday, but it seemed warm when we stopped in at the end of the day, so I'm not sure if it was working or not. One thing I do know is that it ISN'T working again today. We've had it set on 74 degrees since 10:30 am and it's around 65 degrees right now. Luckily I left my sweater here that I brought last week when it wouldn't warm up. So, now we've got a call in to our landlord, hoping that he'll feel bad that we've already invested $500 in worthless repairs and just spring for a new furnace for us. The lease isn't very clear on who is responsible for replacing it - the tennant is definately responsible for repairs, that part is clear. But it says something about the tennant being responsible for the "equipment" which might mean they want us to replace it if need be. Which really seems like we're getting ripped off, because if we replace it and then move in a couple of years, we've invested in a furnace for someone else's use - I don't think they'll let us take it with us. Of course when we called the landlord he wasn't around. I'm just hoping he's not out of town for the week! Thankfully it's supposed to be fairly mild this week, so we shouldn't completely freeze - yet.

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