Monday, November 20, 2006

Chris Ware to do NY Times Covers

Just to prove that comics ARE becoming part of today's pop-culture, I am posting this news bite. The New York Times announced that they're going to have comic book artist Chris Ware do covers for the November 27th issue. Yes, I said COVERS - he's doing 4 different covers. I'm not sure if the NY Times usually does this, but I did find it funny that the issue designed by a comic book artist would have variant covers. The news bite says:

A Comic Strip of New Yorker Covers

The next cartoon issue of The New Yorker, dated Nov. 27 and on newsstands next week, will feature four different covers by Chris Ware. The magazine is calling it a narrative cover, with each image depicting a Thanksgiving scene, two set in 1942 and two today. The stories become intertwined in a fifth installment, a comic strip that will appear on the magazine’s Web site ( It is the first time The New Yorker has published four covers at once on the newsstand. Mr. Ware, a graphic novelist known for his intricate draftsmanship and wry humor in the “Acme Novelty Library” series and “Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth,” had a solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago this summer. JULIE BOSMAN

Sometimes I think Ware's art is great, and other times I'm only so-so about it. He can go from highly detailed works to pieces that are very simple. But, most of the comic book people who are way into comic book art and comics as an art form, do like his stuff.

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