Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Don't They Know - It's FREE?

We received a phone call today from someone looking for the Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born sketchbook that Marvel gave us last week. Immediately we wondered if people were buying it on eBay. Sure thing! Come to find out that it's been selling for $2 - $5 + shipping. We considered unloading a bunch - heck, if we can make money. But then, we decided we'd feel too bad about ripping people off. See, they're FREE. We didn't pay for them, and they're supposed to be given out as a promotion. Stores could order as many as they wanted. We ordered a TON so that we could use them to really promote the book and give them out at places other than just our store. So, we have them in stock, yes. Other stores should have them too. And, people should NOT be paying upwards of the price of a regular comic plus shipping for a free, 5-page promo book. That's my opinion anyway.

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