Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What you've Been Waiting For

Have you been wondering what happened to your favorite comic series? Well, it might just be late. This week there weren't any that were really bad - most fell into the 2 month range, and many were indie books. So, without further ado, here's what you've been waiting for that's finally coming out this week.

DC's Secret Six mini-series ends this week, and sadly the last issue is late. Issue #5 came out 10/25/06 and finally issue #6 is arriving. Not a good way to end things.

A bunch of indie books had issues that came out 10/18/06 and are finally getting another installment this week. They include: Elephantmen #5, Highlander #2, Lone Ranger #3 and Wasteland #5. While I wouldn't call any of these books hugly popular, they are all pretty good and have sold fairly well here at Neptune.
Update: Let me note, thanks to the writer, Antony Johnston's info, that Wasteland is not LATE. Yes, you HAVE waited 2 months for the next issue, but it was solicited that way. And as long as we know how often a comic is coming out, it's not so bad. It's when we think it's coming in April and it shows up in November that we've got a problem.

Darkman vs Army of Darkness #2 is also an indie book, and issue #1 came out back on 10/11.

The latest of the lates this week (from merchandise we've ordered) is Fantastic Four #541. This is, of course, published by Marvel Comics, fans of the late comic. It is also a Civil War tie-in book, so how could it not be late. Over the past month we have at least a few people every week ask if they missed this issue because it's been so long. #540 came out 10/4/06.


Michael Rawdon said...

I think FF #541 might be J. Michael Straczynski's last as writer. Not an especially distinguished run, although running headlong into Civil War had something to do with that.

He's also going to be leaving Spider-Man soon.

antony said...

Just for the record, I'd like to point out that WASTELAND #5 isn't late - this issue was always solicited for Dec 20th. We took a scheduled and announced skip month in November precisely so that we didn't risk shipping an issue late :)