Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What you've Been Waiting For

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas/holiday season. Because of the Monday holiday, books are shipping a day later than usual. This will happen again next week because of the Monday New Year, just so you know. That means that you've been waiting an extra day for EVERYTHING coming out. Of course there are books you've been waiting much longer for.

Let me also remind you that just because you've been waiting for something for a while does NOT mean it is actually late - it could be on-time but just on a schedule that is longer than a month.

Justice #9 is one example of the above. While you've been waiting anxiously for this awesome comic book, with #8 arriving 10/25/06, it is precisely on-time. Painted comics take a while.

I believe Astonishing X-Men #19 is a couple of weeks late, but I could be wrong. #18 came out 11/15/06, but waiting a couple of extra weeks is pretty customary for Joss Wheadon and this title. This is the first issue of the final story arc of the book.

There were 4 books on my spreadsheet that had the last issue come out 11/8/06. I guess that was a popular date for comics or something happend on THAT day that caused a comic book backlog we're finally climbing out of. Whatever the excuse, Wolverine Origins #9, Battlestar Galactica #4, Batman and the Mad Monk #5 and Annihilation #5 are coming in after we've waited nearly an extra month. It's a variety of publishers, so I can't even blame one company or printer for these.

Did you even know that there was a Gumby comic out? Well, there was. We received issue #1 on 7/19/06. Yes, during the warm long days of summer we received this fun comic book. I was starting to think that it was a one-shot since we were seemingly never going to receive the second issue. But, when I looked back and saw that I did order some #2's in June, I figured either the rest were cancelled or they would show up some day when we didn't expect them - like tomorrow.

And the latest of the late... An Avatar published comic I ordered back in March of 2006. Wolfskin #2. Sorry Ellis fans! You'll have to go back to your stack of comics from May to find issue #1, May 10 to be exact. I wonder how long we'll wait before we see the final issue of the series (it ends at 3 issues).

If you are in/near the west coast, you might be waiting an extra week for some of the DC books. Aparently the printer didn't send out books to Diamond's L.A. warehouse in enough time for them to get shipped out to retailers. This does not apply to all of the DC books though, so you should still stop in at your local retailer and see what he's got. I have also heard from a few retailers out there that Diamond's L.A. warehouse is having some issues getting boxes out on time, getting retailers all of their product on time, and getting correct product to correct locations. I'm not sure what's causing it, but it seems to be a hit-or-miss thing out there at the moment. Hopefully Diamond's on the case and fixes these problems soon! If you don't live out west, then your store should have everything. Of course there's never any guarantee that Diamond won't mess up an order, in fact I can pretty much guarantee they WILL. But, it's a lottery and who knows who will be this week's winners.


Benjamin said...

Re: The West Coast thing...


Another reason why I should have just stayed in Milwaukee...


Can't wait to see what I'm NOT getting at Atomic tomorrow...


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We can always do mail order