Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Couple of Promotional Items

In the comic book business, as in most businesses, we have to try new and fun ways to promot the business, so that our name is in front of people all of the time. We also have to give them a reason to come into the store.

Since I know a few of you that read this are thinking of opening your own comic book store some day, I thought I'd share a few promos we've got cooking right now.

We have placed several of the Dark Tower banners at movie theaters in the area, along with free Sketch Books that have the same basic information on them with a label as the banners have. Because this comic will probably be quite popular with a demographic that is wider than those that currently shop in our store, we want to make sure they know that we'll have plenty of that comic book for them to buy here. When the release date comes out I want them to say, "I've got to go to Neptune Comics and get my Dark Tower comic book!"

The cups are being sold with beverages in them during basket ball games at the nearby highschool. The cup is good for one free comic book.

And, we're doing a co-promotion with the local Marcus Theaters. They give us free movie items from time to time and we like to use them to get new people into the store as well as a bonus for customers who already shop at our store. We'll give away a couple of Ghost Rider movie posters in a drawing that will end a couple of weeks after the movie opens. People have to bring in their ticket stub to enter the drawing. Hopefully the movie is good and people come in because they want the poster and leave with other cool comic book items!

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