Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Getting ready to pick up new comics tomorrow and wondering if a certain title ended abruptly because you havn't seen it in a while? Well, maybe they're just taking a while to come out. Here are the comics that are coming out this week that have gone longer than a month between issues. Thankfully there weren't any this week that have gone as long as some of the recent delays where there were 6 months between issues. Keep in mind that some of these are late, and others are on-time but have scheduled a gap of over a month between issues.

Both Green Lantern #16 and Zombies Vs. Robots had the prior issues come out 11/29. I expect delays from these indie type books, so no surprise there. And Green Lantern has been later and seems to be getting slightly closer to back on schedule, so that's good.

Classic Battlestar Galactica is one of several BSG comics that Dynamic Entertainment is publishing. #3 comes in this week, and issue #2 was seen on shelves back on 11/22. Again, with these indie publishers I'm never surprised when they're late - and D.E. is putting out a decent amount of books. One thing I'm glad to see is that they've invested in these licenses and are managing to do a fairly good job getting comics out. Sometimes these smaller publishers buy licenses and then quickly run out of money and have to shut down (Speakeasy Comics) so it is good to see them still around and still getting comics out. Sometimes they're a little late, but I've seen worse. While I'm talking about D. E. they also have a Xena 1-shot called Strange Visitor - issue #4 of the regular series came out 11/8 and the issue coming out tomorrow isn't #5, it's a separate story, so that one looks like it's running behind.

Tron #3 is coming this week and the previous issue hit shelves 11/15. This is a vast improvement from #2 - I think there was a good 4+ month gap between that and issue #1. So, while there was a two-month gap between issue 2 & 3, that's not bad considering past performance.

Wisdom #2 comes out this week, and we last saw issue #1 on 11/8. At first I thought maybe this was supposed to be a bi-monthly comic, but after investigation I discovered that not to be true--what's a deadline to Marvel, right. The first issue was kind of interesting and I will check out the second issue to see where it goes. Unfortunately it didn't sell all that well, so we'll see if anyone who picked up #1 is still interested.

And finally, the latest of the late this week is Skye Runner #6, published by DC. We had a few people interested in this when it first came out, and as it's gone on less and less come back for the next issues. Now that there has been a 3 month gap, almost to the day, between issues 5 & 5, I am doubting that anyone still cares. Maybe it will make a good trade, but I'm loosing my shirt on the single issues. We almost cycled the past issues of the shelf last week, thinking the series must be finished, so we could make room for new comics. Good thing we held off because we'd have to dig them up again this week.

I decided today that after this section I'd ad a quick list of comics I'm going to read from the new books coming in for the week, just for fun. This week I'm reading:
52 #37
Battlestar Galactica #5
Birds of Prey #102
Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp
Spider-Man Reign #2
Star Trek Next Gen: The Space Between #1
Wisdom #2
X-Men First Class #5
Y the Last Man #53

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