Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Movie for Frank Miller

Yes, we are all SUPER excited about the 300 movie coming soon (if you haven't picked up your advanced movie passes yet you'd better hurry!). I saw the trailer for 300 when we saw Ghost Rider on Saturday and it looks awesome.. Like many others, I also enjoyed the Sin City movie based on Frank's series of the same title.

Now Frank is making The Spirit into a movie. Will Eisner created The Spirit, a masked urban crime fighter. (There is a comic book series out now for The Spirit - you'd better pick it up now, before the movie buzz sells them out and jacks up cover prices) Eisner and Miller are said to have been good friends, so Miller was a great choice, if not the first choice, to write and direct the film based on Eisner's character.

When will the movie come out? According to what was discussed at the New York Comic Con, "Uslan mentioned that Miller's been busy writing the final draft of the movie and that he thought they might actually start shooting The Spirit before Miller got to Sin City 2, despite the recent news from Miller to the contrary. Uslan said that their production is ready to go as soon as they get the pieces in place, particularly the actors they have in mind. "We're moving like lighting, we really are," he said. "This next draft that Frank's bringing in should really be it and we should be in a position to be moving pretty quickly." So, no definite date, but it sounds like they're ready to get underway soon. Maybe this summer filming will begin, with a 2008 release date.

Sounds like this could be another really great film for Frank Miller. Click here to read the entire superherohype.com column.

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