Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Revenge of the Cold

So far, other than being a little cold, we've been able to survive this bitter cold just fine. But today it wasn't so easy. Last night shortly before we went to bed we heard a wierd noise like a pipe shaking. Craig and I looked at each other, looked around the house, and discovered nothing. Everything seemed fine and we didn't hear anything else. Then around 3 am the dog barked at a noise she heard. At first we heard nothing and Criag fell back asleep. Then I woke up again, hearing something that sounded like a large engine, close by, shaking the house at times, and an occasional small banging sound. Craig didn't hear it. At first I thought I imagined it and tried to fall back asleep, but both Cassie the dog and I knew we were hearing something. About 20 minutes later I finally got up to investigate. I looked out the back window and saw nothing. But when I looked out the front window I discovered the source of the noise. There were men, a couple of work trucks, and work lights focused on the street right across from our house. It looked like they were tearing up the street - which usually means a water-main break. I turned on a faucet and sure enough - bone dry. Today we have no water at home and the city isn't sure when they'll have it fixed. Luckily Craig's parents live in Waukesha and he has a key to their house. We're off now to go shower and brush our teeth at their house. I don't know how the pilgrims did it! Not having water is quite an inconvenience, and it's too cold to pee in the bushes (lol).


scott king said...

I've been trying to freeze stuff for fun, but its not cold enough here. I was hoping like... ok you know in movies when someone gets frozen or an object gets frozen and then hit really hard with something the whole thing shatters? Yeah i can't get that to work in real life.

That really sucks about your water. I'd go crazy if I couldnt' shower!!!

Jeff Sonnentag said...

It's never to cold to pee in the bushes ;)