Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Welcome again to my weekly effort to make you aware of just how long you've been waiting for your favorite comic books. Keep in mind that while some of these are late, they are not all late. Sometimes books are scheduled to take longer than a month between issues for any number of reasons. But still, you have been waiting for them over a month.

Lone Ranger #4 and Spike Asylum #5 (of 5) both had previous issues that made it to shelves on 12/20/06. That's not really too bad for indie books. Especially with D. E. having to do so many second printings on the issues of Lone Ranger. New Avengers #27 also had it's previous issue come out 12/20. The excuse for the lateness on this one is, I'm sure, the hold-ups on Civil War, which I still think are unacceptable.

Marvel continues their reputation of lateness with X-Men Phoenix Warsong #5 (of 5) While it's not as bad as some other delays for them, issue #4 came out 12/13/06, which is still longer than it should have taken.

DC is not in the clear this week either, with Action Comics continuing to experience delays. In fact, this week's Action isn't even a regular issue - it's an Annual. The last issue, #845 to be exact, came out on November 22nd--that's over two months. Sure, it's been a fairly good seller with the whole Donner story and everything, but come on - let's get another issue out before people forget the story entirely.

Astro City comics often have large gaps between issues. Sad but true. Astro City The Dark Age Book 2 #1 came out back on 11/15, and #2 is finally making its way to the shelves this week.

Have you even heard of Wormwood Gentleman's Corpse? It's about a worm that lives in the eye of an animated corpse. Another indie book, of course. I think independent publishers need to work harder to get stuff out on a better schedule - it might help them actually sell a few more issues. Anyway Wormwood #5 is coming this week and the last issue was out on 11/1.

The latest of the late books this week is Fell #7. How long have you been waiting? Two months? Oh no! Not quite. Three months? Still wrong! Try just short of six months since issue #6 came out, back on 8/16/06. Warren Ellis writes this - and I remember getting one of his mass emails around the time #6 was coming out, maybe before it, where he said he was thinking of only doing one Fell story a year. I took it to mean comic, since it was running so late, and emailed him back saying something like, "Well, it works for Miller/Lee on All Star Batman." He responded back with a rather snarky statement on how me meant "story arc" not "issue." But, with nearly 6 months between this issue and the last, I'm starting to wonder if I wasn't right after all. Sure, he claims to have had a hard time getting this part of the story to work with the 9-panel framework he confined himself too. Sure, he's got a novel coming out as well as Thunderbolts and Newuniversal. But, I don't think that's a great excuse for this kind of lateness. I enjoy the comic book, and have been waiting for the next issue along with everyone else, and I just can't really let the long delay be excused away.

So, there you go. Your wait is over for these comics! Make your comic shop list and check it twice, then head out tomorrow and buy, buy, buy.

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