Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good Stuff

The 300 premiere was a blast! The movie was great and it was fun seeing so many customers there. We're pretty sure we had louder applause than any of the other sponsors ;)

Captain America is big news today. If you haven't heard then you probably are living under a rock. It's even on the CNN News scroll. We didn't order enough because, of course, we didn't know they were going to pull this stunt. So, we have to limit everyone to one copy. Hopefully that will make it possible to let everyone who wants one in the next couple of days get one. We do have more on order--but it's on back order so we'll have to see if we're able to get that to fill at all. If it does then people can always pick up another copy if they want another cover or one for prosperity. We haven't run out YET, but we've gotten calls from people who are not regular customers that are looking for it, so I think that with the big media push it we will run out. Marvel says they'll do a second print, but it won't be for a while. Why they can't do larger print runs when they know there's a big event like this that stores didn't know about to increase orders is beyond me. They're loosing money this way!


James Meeley said...


That's because comics aren't the "bread and butter" for Marvel today. It's all in movie and licensing Sure they make some cash out of things, but publishing the comics that got them those things is much lower of the priority list these days.

Until the money from the films and other industries wanting to profit off the icons Marvel is home to dries up, don't expect that to change any time soon, either.

That's why they call themselves Marvel ENTERTAINMENT today, not Marvel COMICS. It illustrates perfectly where their sense of priorities lie.

Lisa said...

Good point Jim. They barely feel the pinch on comics I'd guess.

All I know is our phone has been ringing off of the hook - no one in a 30 mile radius has any left. I hope Marvel can fill the back orders, or at least a portion of the back orders. I had one lady who INSISTED that I only call her if we get more first prints because any other printing wouldn't be worth as much. The collector mentality lives on.

And you know what else - its not really fair to fans that this news came out already - they didn't even get to read it and they know what happened. Oh well. Not much I can do.

James Meeley said...


Check out the "retailer" who defends what marvel did concerning Cap #25 and thinks the outrage from other retailers is all their own fault:

And if you are interested, let me know if you'd like a copy of my own emailed response to what he says. It's good stuff. ;)