Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rock Music for Nerds

One of our customers (thanks Jake) brought in a CD for us on Wednesday. It was a CD from the band Ookla the Mok. They sing lots of geek themed songs and do a pretty good job of it at that. One of the singers sounds a lot like one of the guys from They Might be Giants.

Click here to go to Ookla the Mok's web site.
Click here to hear a few of their tunes.
Click here to read the lyrics of a bunch of their songs.

I guess they do performances at local conventions and stuff, so some of you might have even seen them in person. They have some fun DC Comics and Star Trek songs that we've gotten quit a kick out of as we listen to the CD.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting... I live in Hawaii, and there's a local reggae band that has the same name, though I believe they spell it Ooklah.