Monday, March 19, 2007

Some Wizard World LA Tidbits

From what I've read, WWLA was fairly quiet and nothing too big was announced. Since it was the fourth major con in a row, people were probably pretty tired out.

I heard that DC did not have a booth. I know that they were pretty unhappy with the treatment they received at WW Chicago, and I don't know if the same things happened at the other WW's last year, but that might (I have absolutely NO confirmation on this) have had something to do with their lack of a booth this year.

The KISS guys are jerks, especially Gene. They were there to push their new comics at Platinum Studios, and had some crazy 4-foot comic there (I blogged about this before). Apparently they would only sign the comics, not other fan stuff.

Read JimSmash for his personal report on WWLA.

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Benson said...

The second they took off their make-up, they sold out.

Kiss sucks.