Monday, March 12, 2007

Who Wants to be a Superhero?

Take a look at this - one of our customers auditioned in the Washington DC area this weekend for Who Wants to be a Superhero. He is Scott King (I have a link to his blog in my links section, and it's working again, so go check it out.) Looks like fun!

We have another customer who was going to be sending in an audition tape too. His character was "The Inferno." Or at least that's what I think - his power was that he's pretty dang hot.

The first season of Who Wants to be a Superhero was pretty silly, but still looked like fun. I wish both of these guys luck! How cool would it be to be the one who supplies comics to a super hero?


Rachel McAdams said...

That Scott King is a sexy stud! I'd let him be my hero any day.

Lisa said...

Sorry Rachel, but I hear Scott's got his hands full.