Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Has Turner Gone Mad?

I have started to wonder if Michael Turner has gone crazy. He's had some health problems and maybe they're affecting his vision or something. I'm not slamming him - I'm serious. His female art used to be pretty good - granted the women were barely clothed most of the time, and all looked like the same woman, but at least they were fairly well proportioned. These two covers make me think he might have lost it. CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE.

The Power Girl one has been going around the blog-o-sphere for a while now (It's the alternate cover for Justice League of America #10) and Meltzer claims that that Turner actually made the breasts smaller on this version than the original he saw. This might not be true, but regardless, the Power Girl breasts are plenty big enough on this cover. And I'm not sure how it's possible for Black Canary to have us see her back side and front side at once. She must be really pivoting at the waste.

The other cover is the Turner cover for Civil War Fallen Son: New Avengers that came out today. WHAT is up with Spider-Woman? Her thighs are larger than her waste and her breasts are bigger than her head. She just isn't right! The angle she's standing in with her arms like that - it doesn't look quite right either. Anyone have a full-body mirror handy? Can you stand that way?

That Power Girl isn't going to fly - she is NOT at all aerodynamic. And Plastic Man should not be in the Marvel Universe impersonating Spider-Woman.


spleenal said...

Even I, a red blooded male comic book reader, can't get fired up about Powergirls boobs. I know they're just drawn but they look fake. I havn't read the comic my self but superladies generally aren't the sort of ladies who go for implants are they?
It's looking more like cheesy fan art than a real comic book.

Dawn said...

Frankly, I don't have a problem with the size of Power Girl's breasts. It's just that if you're going to draw big breasts you need at least a bit of anatomy knowledge of they look like cartoon cantelopes sitting on a grocer's shelf.

That and the way he's structured the picture makes them the most important feature of it.

Rachel said...

Spider Girl looks like someone grabbed her midriff in their fist and squeeeeeeezed so that all of the stuffing went either up or down.

We ought to take up a collection to get the poor guy an anatomy textbook.