Sunday, April 29, 2007

McCloud Event Successful

The pics are just a handful of the ones we took during the event. I believe if you click them they'll enlarge. If anyone reading this has more, feel free to share them via email or blog link or whatever because I'd like to see them.

We had a great turn-out for the Scott McCloud signing yesterday! We had LOTS of people show up and stay for the whole event, probably more than we've had for any other in-store signing. Scott spoke for an hour and then did a book signing, which took up about another hour or slightly over. Then a few people hung out and asked more questions, plus those who arrived early asked Scott some questions before the event started. This was the most people we've had in the store at once! And that also doesn't include the regular store traffic. We had 25 chairs and those were full, plus lots of people standing. We sold a ton of "Making Comics" and got to meet people from all over the state. Many said great things about the store, which was very flattering.

The McCloud family were all awesome! The girls were very smart and fun to talk to, and Ivy was hilarious. Scott was busy most of the time, but we did talk a bit at the end of the event and he's extremely smart too - I wish we could have spent more time talking to all of them. They said good things about the store too - and on the Making Comics tour blog Ivy said, "Craig and Lisa, whose store it was, were my favorite kind of store owners. They were so nice, and they really cared about what they were doing, and their clientele. I could tell that they thought about everything, and worked hard to be the best they could be. I especially loved the fact that they had a really large all ages section, to help foster new readers." You can click here to read the blog thread on it.


Anonymous said...


I'm very happy to see what a resounding success this was for you! I know you were concerned about how the turnout would be. It must be pretty gratifying to see how well it went - congratulations!

- Rick

P.S. Love the "aisle signs" you have hanging in youe store, great idea!

James Meeley said...


Hey, I'm glad to hear your event was such a success, even without any real assistance from the media. Hopefully, Free Comic Book Day is just as successful (if not more). :)

Benson said...


Great jorb!!