Monday, April 30, 2007

More Press Gripes

Let me just gripe again on our local media here. Neither the local Waukesha paper or the Milwaukee paper came out to do a photo and by-line for the McCloud event, nor have any of them done a story for FCBD.

It seems they think they're more sophisticated than even USA Today! A comic book store owner in California just posted this onto one of our retailer on-line forum boards:

Folks, I just got off the phone with a USA Today reporter who is doing something on Free Comic Book Day for this Wednesday's paper. He says he'll devote the most attention to UNSEEN PEANUTS. Should run on Wednesday and he says he thinks they'll be able to run a cover image as well. Nice!

We even had a reporter come out and do an interview on the business side of FCBD and comics in general - but I've got Google alerts for Neptune Comics and for Free Comic Book Day and so far no flag for it, and they DO post their paper on-line, so it should have been triggered if a story came out.

The Milwaukee paper did see fit to do a story on the new movie theater opening up in Waukesha. That's big news all the way in Milwaukee I guess. But a nation-wide event featuring some GREAT comics available completely For FREE isn't newsworthy.

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James Meeley said...


Maybe what you should do, is try to create competition between the media outlets.

Next time you talk to one of the local papers and they say, "Sure, we'll look into that." (or whatever they tell you), tell them something like, "Oh, hey, it's no big deal. I mean, {insert other well known local paper here} already said they'd love to run the story, so if you don't feel up to it, that's fine, We have it covered." After that, do the same thing with the other paper, using the one you just contacted against them in the same way.

Sure, nothing still might come of it, but then, how's that any different from now. And you'll at least have the fun of messing with their minds.

Heh, I can be a really evil S.O.B. when I have to. >:)