Thursday, April 26, 2007

Top Five Comic Book Stories

I found a link to The Equinox, a college news site, where a reporter lists what he things are the top five stories in comic book history.

They are:
5. "Year One" ("Batman" issues 404-407, 1987) Written by Frank Miller, art by David Mazzucchelli.
4. "The Dark Knight Returns" (issues 1-4, 1986) Written and drawn by Frank Miller.
3. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" (issues 1-12, 1985 to 1986) Written by Marv Wolfman, art by George Perez.
2. "The Man of Steel" (issues 1-6, 1986) Written and drawn by John Byrne.
1. "Kingdom Come" (issues 1-4, 1996) Written by Mark Waid, artwork by Alex Ross.

You can click on the link to read his reasons for the choices he made.

When someone commented as to the fact that while these are all great stories, they are all DC superhero stories, he said that the original list had 11 comics on it including the likes of the Death of Gwen Stacy story, the Frank Miller Daredevil stories, X-Men Phoenix Saga and the Watchmen. So, he did have some non-DC books on the original list. But, still all pretty much super hero comics. Most of these are pretty good (I've got to admit I've not read them all), but not my favorites.

My top 5 would be:
5. "Walking Dead" the whole series so far, Written by Robert Kirkman. The first six issues feature art by Tony Moore, with Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn taking over the art chores from issue 7 on.
This isn't just a zombie story! Sure, zombie fans like it, but it's more a story about human survival against all odds. It would be, I think, just as good if they were surviving a plague or war or alien invasion. This story does a great job of showing the best and worst in people.

4. "DMZ" Written by Brian Wood with art by Riccardo Burchielli. I especially like the first volume (issues 1-6).
Another human survival story. Hmmm... looks like a theme here. This one also shows us the best and worst of ourselves.

3. "Killing Joke" Written by Allan Moore with art by Brian Bolland.
Putting one of the best all-time comic book writers with one of the best all-time comic book artists together - throw in a very exciting Batman Vs. Joker story. Oh, and the end result ends up creating Oracle later - another great comic book. Who could ask for more?

2. "Runaways Vol 1" Written by Brian K Vaughan with art by Adrian Alphona and Tak Miyazawa. The first 12 issuses are the best, before he restarted it. There's a great cast of well developed characters here and it's a fun book for young and old. Teen drama, romance, action, mystery--something for everyone.

1. "Fables Vol 6" Written by Bill Willingham with art by Mark Buckingham. All of the stories are great. Every single one. But if I had to choose one story, my favorite so far is Homelands (issues 36-41). Not only does Boy Blue become a real bad-ass, but we also find out who the Adversary is.

What are your top 5?


Jeff "MonkeyBoy" Sonnentag said...

Well you asked for it, as eclectic as this is (and you should know my tastes by now)
Here are my deepest personal favorites and some might say “the rantings of a MonkeyBoy gone mad…”
5. Weapon X – Due mostly to Barry Winsor-Smiths beautiful art. Screw “Origins” this is THE Wolverine story…
4. Sin City – The Hard Goodbye – This was Frank Miller’s first and finest in the series. The stark black and white art perfectly matches the combination Film Noir / Action movie feel of the story. I’ve always had a soft spot for dark heroes. I know as a semi-functional member of society I shouldn’t like Marv for the evil he does, but Miller’s story makes me feel both sorry and viscerally attached to the lug.
3. 30 Days of Night – You have to love the concept of Vampires moving to what essential becomes a 24hr food mart for them. In addition, the love and sacrifice the town sheriff and his wife share in this story epitomize the courage of the human spirit in this Steve Niles contemporary classic. Ben Templesmith’s art could not have had a better vehicle.
2. Blankets – With over 500 pages of deep theme and emotion, Craig Thompson has touched the “sissy” side of the MonkeyBoy. Read this with a loved one.
1. BONE: The collected works – Jeff Smith’s Pogo influenced epic fantasy is exactly what the MonkeyBoy looks for in comics. A great story with fantastic character interaction throughout, plenty of action and humor, paced to keep readers of all ages turning pages.

Benson said...

Hmmm... Great question... My top 5 (as of late) would have to be:

5. Kingdom Come
4. Watchmen
3. The New Frontier
2. The Nightly News (yep, even though it ain't done yet)
1. Dark Knight Returns