Friday, April 27, 2007

Random Friday Musings

Busy getting ready for Scott McCloud. We've been scrubbing, moving and making trips to drop stuff off at storage and bring chairs in. We're hoping for a nice size crowd!

WHY is the media in Southeast Wisconsin so anti-comics? Maybe anti pop-culture in general, but I haven't paid that close of attention. Cities all over the U.S. have done stories about Free Comic Book Day - but here NOTHING. Same with Scott McCloud, and we're his only stop. And I sent out some kick-butt press releases! I even had help from people with media experience. We'd better at least get some photographers in here on the days of the events. I just can't believe that in Milwaukee there is so much other important news that they can't do an article on Free Comic Book Day. Seriously, do an Internet search for it and you will find PAGES of links to other news columns on it. Not even the "artsy" or "progressive" city paper called The Shepard Express bothered to do a story on either topic. GET WITH IT MILWAUKEE!!! Comics are becoming a bigger part of pop-culture and you're missing it!

Has She-Hulk become a slut when I wasn't looking? In last week's issue (#17) we see her jump into bed with Tony Stark. I didn't even know they had a relationship. Is Tony the next Bill Clinton - able to get hot super-hero women to jump into bed with him after a simple dinner? I've been pretty hit-or-miss on the book, so I'm not sure what's going on, other than it looks like Marvel just made She-Hulk into Easy-Hulk.

I'm taking a survey over the next several weeks. Feel free to participate! The question: What do you think about event-driven comics?

I am having the urge to make a horror themed mini-doll house. I've never done a doll house before, so it's not like its a hobby of mine at the present time. But for some reason the idea just popped into my head that a horror doll house could be weirdly cool. The Haunted doll house. If I ever get this crazy idea going I'll have to post pictures of my progress and collect prop donations and ideas.

Why are so many 10-year-old boys into early 1990's comic characters? Aren't they too young for that? Maybe because every household has some of them lying around?


James Meeley said...

Is Tony the next Bill Clinton - able to get hot super-hero women to jump into bed with him after a simple dinner?

I'm sorry, did you just compare Tony Stark hitting it with She-Hulk and Bill Cliton hitting it with the "trailer-park gallery" he did while in office? That is just wrong, Lisa! Now, if you had asked is Stark the next JFK, seeing as how JFK was connected to hooking up with one of the sexiest women (if not most sexiest woman ever) to ever live, I might see the comparison. But Stark and Cliton aren't even close in any meaningful comparison.

In short, no, Stark ISN'T the next Bill Clinton. Tony's got way better taste in women than Billy-boy ever will. ;)

Swinebread said...
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She-Hulk's Bitch said...

Tony needs to get on his feet and suck her toes

Swinebread said...

MILWAUKEE is the Midwest right? My understanding is that the Midwest isn't very progressive when comes to art and culture... Comics were viewed with distain for so long that it’s a hard nut to crack with traditional type folks. Keep pushing though it’s the only way to move the culture forward.

Lisa said...

James - ok, I'll go w/JFK. I was just making a comparison because Clinton was a man in power who could snag any woman he wanted (he just wanted trailer trash). JFK also had that luxury, only he also had seemingly better taste in women.

Lisa said...

Swinebread - yep, we're a Milwaukee suburb. We even had a customer who knows a reporter call him and tell him that they should really do a story on McCloud, but no one showed up or did a story at all. We have a big, fancy art museum, so there is art cluture here. But I think the people that support that look down their noses at us simple comic book folk, even though the Comic Masters exhibit was there last summer.