Friday, April 27, 2007

Turbo Naruto

We carry the Naruto manga in the store. We don't sell a ton of manga, but this one is a great seller for us. Usually a new book comes out every few months. There were four books released in 2006.

Now Viz announces that they're going to get the US version caught up with the Japanese series. What does that mean? Apparently it means three new books EVERY MONTH from September - December. That's like a year's worth of Naruto manga every month. For more info, click here.

I'm not sure if this is good or bad for my store. I hope it's good - more book sales. But, the problem is that it's mostly kids that buy this stuff - kids with budgets that might not allow them to buy the manga as quickly as it will come out. That means we've either got to buy only a couple of each issues, hoping that Diamond can manage to keep them in stock for us to reorder once we sell out, (Diamond is very bad at keeping Naruto in-stock.) or that we're going to buy bunches and sit on them for a while - investing our cash and hoping that they eventually sell.

I hope that the Naruto fans will save their money now and be ready to pick up the upcoming issues. And that once the pace slows back down they won't be too disappointed.

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Flidget said...

I think this may be a good way, though, to draw in the fans who started reading manga titles through scanlations long before they were licensed and then just kept reading the scanlations because the licensed translations were always so far behind.