Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fat Free Cows

It's Memorial Day weekend, and the world of comic books is fairly quiet. We finished our Diamond order and I'm just waiting for Sunday to end.

I found this article on "fat free cows." They are now genetically altering and breeding cows that produce skim milk. It's true - it might once have been a joke among my Future Farmers of America (FFA) friends back in high school - now it's reality.

It could be good - we don't really need the fat as Americans, plus they'll still have the whole milk cows. But, whenever science messes with the natural way of things it seems like later on we find out that it was actually bad, sometimes really bad.

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Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, you were in FFA too?? I showed sheep and judged crops, soil, and hay during my four years. I also did public speaking, which may explain a lot.. ??!!

That explains a great deal. I knew I admired you, but now, it is pedestal time!! :-)