Friday, May 25, 2007

MORE Excitement!

It seems a week can't go by where something nearly disasterous doesn't happen. Last week it was the armed robber across the street. Last night it was our back yard tree. At 7:45 pm we get a call at the store from our neighbor, telling us that part of our back yard tree got torn off in the wind and was blocking our back door and had pulled down power lines. She suggested we get home quick to evaluate the situation before it got too dark for us to see.

We dropped everything and drove home. Upon arriving we see that we still have power, as do our neighbors, but sure enough, a large branch was torn off of the large tree we have in our back yard and it landed on the power lines, pulling the line right down to the ground. It also blocked our back door. There were leaves and small branches all caught up in our Direct TV dish, but the dish was still on. Our back yard light was loose, but didn't get pulled down. But our neighbors were not as lucky. The pole where the power goes from the line into their house was torn off and their electric wires were barely hanging on. We quickly called the electric company and got repair men out to get the power line out of our yard. They did that, but the neighbors line was so badly ripped that the electric company had to disconnect them and won't restore their service until they get someone out to fix the connection to their house. We really lucked out because aside from having some large branches to remove and having to tighten up the back yard light, we didn't have any other damage. However, now we have to seriously consider having the back yard tree removed due to safety.

You should be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them, if you want to see the mess close-up.

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