Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Quoted Today

I got a lengthy quote on Lying in the Gutters today in the section about Free Comic Book Day. I expressed some concerns that I know some other comic book retailers share - about the content of comics available for Free Comic Book Day. While I don't think there shouldn't be any mature themed titles, I do think that 1. all Gold Sponsors should be all-age appropriate including any and all ads placed in the book and 2. books that are for mature audiences should say so on the cover. We retailers don't get a lot of information on the comics when we order them, so either we need more time before FCBD to read them ourselves or there needs to be better oversight and ratings so that we know what we're giving out. At Neptune we try to be pretty careful about who gets what comics, but not every store is diligent, and some just don't know. I'd hate to see the fun and good reputation of FCBD taken away by a law suit when a child ends up with a comic book their parent finds inappropriate for his/her age.

It took a day, but here's the link to the Retailer column by Vaneta on Newsarama discussing FCBD. I was quoted a few times - she has a LOT of retailer quotes. None of our pictures made the cut, unfortunately. But we did have a bunch make the Diamond Daily page.

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