Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Things are slowly returning to normal here at Neptune. But not for long - we're going to try to update our POS system next week from DOS to Windows - wish us luck. Then we've got other fun stuff coming up throughout the summer, so our down time here won't last very long.

Moving right along, here is my weekly post about books that have gone over a month between issues. Some are late, some are just scheduled with lengthy breaks between them. Either way, here's what you've been waiting for...

My cutoff for this week was 3/21/07 and there were four comic books coming in this week that had their previous issues come out that day. Amazing Spider-Man #539 (Marvel), Noble Causes #28 (Image), Ultimate Power #4 (Marvel) and Y the Last Man #55 (DC/Vertigo) all came out on March 21st and have the next issues releasing tomorrow.

Mystery in Space #8 (DC Comics), Grimm Fairy Tales #14 (Zenescope) and Garth Ennis Chronicles of Wormwood #3 (Avatar) all had their prior issues come out back on March 14th. I didn't see Mystery in Space, or Y the Last Man for that matter, listed on DC's shipping late list, so I guess they were supposed to have a two month gap between issues. Grimm Fairy Tales is weird, sometimes the issues come out a week apart and then other times they go for months between issues. I guess that Zenescope hasn't quite figured out a good publishing schedule.

While Outsiders just had an annual come out two weeks ago, it has been since March 7th that a regular issue came out. This week Outsiders #47 (DC Comics) finally hits shelves. I guess this was by design, as I did not see this comic listed on DC's late shippers either.

GI Joe Dreadnoks Declassified #3 is the final issue in this mini-series published by Devil's Due. The prior issue of this also came out back on March 7th.

The longest wait between issues this week goes to Dark Horse's Star Wars Dark Times #3. We ordered this issue back in October of last year and issue #2 came out 1/24/07. Based on when we ordered issue #3, I can guess that issue #2 was also late, since October orders usually ship in December - of the same year. Either way, this comic book went slightly over 3 months between issues. It's a real shame they couldn't have gotten this issue out a week earlier - we sold LOTS of Star Wars comics and toys on Saturday when the 501st was here. Of course the real shame is that it should have shipped right about the time that issue #2 came out.

What I'm reading this week:
AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #8 (I've been told there's a surprise in this issue I need to see)
DMZ #19
GEN 13 #8
GREEN ARROW #74 (coming to the end of this series)
Y THE LAST MAN #56 (I'm actually several issues behind on this, so I'll have to check out the TBP also shipping this week to get somewhat caught up and then try to catch up.)

With McCloud two weekends ago and FCBD last weekend I've gotten seriously behind on my reading, so it might take me a bit to get to these. But once May is over and there aren't many good TV shows on I should be able to take some comics home and read them at night.

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