Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

I almost considered calling this the Ultimate What You've Been Waiting For because the list consists largely of definitely REALLY late books. Books so late you thought they had been canceled. Comics so late you haven't seen the prior issue in months, maybe even a year. I'd like to say I'm excited to see these late comics finally come out - and I guess I am excited - in an angry way. Sure, it's all well and good that they're finally coming out, but some of them are sooooo late that I don't know if I ordered too many or too few. I don't know if anyone even cares about the stories or if they've just given up. Hopefully most of these excessively late titles will be made returnable, so if people HAVE given up on the story I won't be completely overstocked, looking at wasted money sitting on my comic book racks.

Are you ready? Brace yourselves! Here we go...

I'll start with the two books that have only gone about 7 weeks between issues. Batman #665 (DC) and Gargoyles #4 both had their previous issues come out on March 28th. Gargoyles #4 was ordered back in January and Batman in February, so they are late. But not as late as some of the others coming up.

The rest of these comics have seen LONG gaps between this issue and the previous one. I have complained about several of them during the long pauses between issues, so I won't go through that all again. I will let you, fair reader, see how long it's been and shake your own heads in disgust or wake up early to wait in line at your local comic shop so you don't miss the nearly once-a-year issues.

The least late of the really lates... Star Wars Rebellion #6 (Dark Horse). The previous issue of this made it to shelves back on December 6, 2006. And here I thought it was a 5-issue mini-series.

Two of this week's new issues had previous issues come out on 11/15/06 (almost 6 months ago to the day). Death Jr. Vol 2 #3 (of 3) (Image) and Sidekick #5 (of 5) (Image). They're both Image books - maybe the container with these in got lost somewhere? I was starting to think the graphic novels would release before the final issues did. Both of these issues were ordered in September 06. Does anyone even remember what happened in these?

A couple of weeks before Death Jr Vol 2 #3 and Sidekick #4 came out we saw Warren Ellis Black Gas 2 #1 (Avatar). The next issue of this comic book is finally coming out tomorrow.

Ultimates 2 - remember that comic? You know the first series ended with 12 issues, and you might have made the mistake of thinking that this series also only went 12 issues. But, you'd be wrong. Ultimates 2 #13 (of 13) (Marvel) is finally coming out tomorrow, with the prior issue having come out back on September 27th. We ordered this issue in October of 2006. Marvel announced the team for Ultimates 3 at one of the Wizard World 2006 conventions - but don't assume that that means the team has been working on it this whole time. I cannot either confirm nor deny that, but only hope that they might have used their heads and done the right thing.

This next comic is late, but not quite as late as these last few. But, since its been so long, since July 6th, that the last issue came out, I'm putting it on the list. Goon: Satan's ###### Baby is coming out this week, and the last issue of The Goon came out 7/6/06. We ordered the Satan's Baby issue back in February, and I know the original ship date was supposed to be a few weeks ago, so it is late. According to comic book news, the Goon creator, Eric Powel, was taking a break from the comic book, and is doing a small run on Action Comics for an upcoming Bizzaro story line. He does plan to get back to The Goon again, but not for a bit yet. So, it will be a while before anyone sees another issue.

Now for the latest of the late. The longest of the waits. Come on, you know what it is! I've been billed for it, so I'm fairly sure this isn't just a rumor...
Really Late (All Star) Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #5 (DC) is coming out tomorrow. Do not adjust your computer monitor, or your glasses - you have seen right and your eyes are not tricking you... All Star Batman & Robin #5 - tomorrow. The last issue came out... well, my computer says 5/17/06 - almost a year to the day ago, but I'm not sure if that's 100% accurate, but it's close. Issue #4 was the only issue in all of 2006 - and this issue is coming out almost a year afterward - making this an annual comic. We ordered this comic book three times before it finally came out!

There you go - what a crazy week! What will sell is anyone's guess!

Of the new comics coming out this week, here's what I'm reading:

Trades - when I have time:

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Thom said...

Actually...as of last summer they had already announced the team for Ultimates 4 as well. Jeph Loeb has been waiting nd waiting to start his run.