Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What you've Been Waiting For

Yes - today is Wednesday - but this weekly installment of What You've Been Waiting For is not late. Thanks to a Monday holiday we're getting new comics on Thursday this week instead of Wednesday. For those of you who went to look for new comics today and were confused - there you have it - no books until tomorrow - you'll have to wait. In fact, let's talk more about waiting since, after all, that's why you are reading this post. This week there are some comics that you've been waiting a couple of months for, and once again, some you've waited almost a year for. So, let's see what we've got.

April 4th was my start point for waiting this week. Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman #2 just makes that cut, with the first issue having come out on 4/4. I don't know if it's late since this is an indie comic. It's pretty fun - if you're looking for some entertaining humor for grown ups you should check it out.

There were two comics that saw the previous issues release on 3/21. Magician Apprentice #7 (Marvel/Dabbel Bros) and Deatblow #5 (DC/Wildstorm) both come out this week, after a ten week absence. Magician Apprentice is a book I enjoy. I don't do a lot of fantasy stuff, but I like this comic.

Freshmen Vol 2 #4 (Image/Topcow) is coming out tomorrow. The last issue of that was seen in comic book stores on 2/28.

If you Marvel Avengers fans are thinking that it's been a while since you saw a copy of New Avengers Illuminati, you are right. You did not miss issue #3 because it is finally coming out tomorrow. The last issue of this comic was out on 2/21.

Boys has finally returned. Issue #7 of Boys will be on shelves this week, after having the previous issue come out back on 12/28/06. Most of you should know about this delay by now - Wildstorm was publishing it and then decided that where the creators were taking the series was a little to dark and adult for their line of comics. So, in a fairly unusual move they released this comic to another publisher (Dynamic Entertainment) to continue on with the series as well as publish the graphic novel of the first 6 issues (which also comes out tomorrow). Ennis fans can now rejoice - the Boys are back in town.

Finally, the longest of the long waits for comics this week is for Shaolin Cowboy #7. The previous issue of this comic came out back on 7/16/06 - just a month and a half shy of one year ago. Based on when we ordered it, I think this is actually on-time or close to it, so the creator must have decided to take a break.

Oh - side'ish note. For those of you who had thought about picking up the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier like a year ago and never saw it, DC says it IS going to come out. It is still listed on their delay list as "TBD" for the shelf date, with the original release date having been October of 2006. I was starting to believe that it would never come out, or at least not under the DC imprint. But, Bob Wayne claims that he has seen the pages - so I guess we might see the book after all. If the pages weren't done I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, DC shouldn't have been quite so quick to put it into Previews.

What I'm reading this week:

It's another fairly small week. A couple of bigger books, but with a 5 week month and a holiday week, it seems like they're spreading some stuff out.

Oh - even MORE of a side note... For those of you wondering, we DID decide to give Marvel Heroscape a try. We just put in an order for a couple of the initial starter set. So, if you want it, please check here before you go off to Target or Wal-Mart. I believe the scheduled release date is July 10th--although it is a Hasbro product, so who knows when we'll actually get it.

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