Sunday, June 24, 2007

Art Imitates Life and Fails

Sometimes even if you take a photo of a real live person and try to make it into art, you fail.
Take this Satana #1 cover - inspired by a Pamela Anderson cover, the artist, Greg Land admits he used as inspiration for the cover.

Problem - Anderson has heels on her shoes and is leaning up against a wall. Satana is missing heels so she's balancing sharply on her toes, and she's not leaning up against anything - which should make holding that pose even more difficult.

I've seen worse covers in terms of half naked women in poses that are demeaning. That's not what this is about. It's about how, if you are going to draw, at least make it realistic, especially if you're copying a real cover.


Elayne said...

Also, you need to bear in mind how manipulated that photo of Anderson is to begin with, and it makes Land's swipes at least twice removed from real life.

Ben from AZ said...

My theory: Satana is floating a massive air biscuit. That's how she's able to stay balanced like that.

zeuscomics said...

I love that belt!

Lisa said...

Elayne - you make a good point there. the photo is already doctored.

Lisa said...

LOL Ben! That MUST be the way she's keeping from falling down.

Lisa said...

Zeuscomics - well, that belt is not only her only accessory, but it appears to be the only thing she's got on other than boots.

Anonymous said...

While your argument may be valid in a general sense, your points are wrong.

Anderson has heels on her shoes, but those heels aren't touching the ground.
There is a wall, but if you look at the background running along her feet it appears to be entirely to her right side.

On the other hand, her feet don't really look like they're realistically connected to the floor — I understand she's very well lit but there should be some trace of a shadow.