Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things that make owning a comic book store so much fun. Little things like coming in to find a phone message from Steve Rude about how he worked at the Pizza Hut down the street from our store back during his "disco days."

He's coming to do a signing to promote Nexus in a few months, which was part of why he called. He grew up out this way, and his mom still lives here in Waukesha. We got to meet her last month when she picked up a couple of copies of the Nexus Free Comic Book Day issue and share a newspaper clipping about Steve with us.

Isn't that cool!! Sometimes it's the little things.


James Meeley said...


Yeah, that is one of the cool things. I remember when i was working at Ron's out here, i was the one who set them up on eBay and did sales on there for them. A couple times, that had me brush against greatness.

First, there was the time I listed a couple Green Lantern issues (#111-112 from the Hal Jordan era) and got an email reply from none other than Alex Saviuk (the artist on those issues), who thanked me for the kind words about him in the write up and to say that those issue were among his favorites of his time on the book. That was cool.

But cooler still is the other time this happened. I had sold a set of World's Finest #244 & 245 (the first 80 page giants druing that run with all the character back-ups). The guys eBay handle was "wwbro", but I thought nothing of it.

However, I got an email several days later, where he contacted me after getting the books. Not only was he totally satisfied with them (said they were in better shape than the grade I listed them at, which was probably true since I'm a conservative grader), but he informed me they were going to be put on display at a Wonder Woman museum in Connecticutt. He said he was doing this because "his father created the Wonder Woman character." He signed the email Pete Marston (the son of William marston, Wonder Woman's creator). Then when i looked at his eBay handle again, it made sense. "wwbro" = Wonder Woman's Brother. And since Heidi is such a huge fan of the character, it made it only all the more cool

Yeah, those are just a couple of the cool things I've had happen while working at various comic store over the years. So, i completely know how you feel. It is one of the joys working a comic shop, to be sure.

Scott King said...

I've been wanting to comment on this post... but I just don't know who the people are that you are talking about. :( which makes me feel dumb

Lisa said...

Scott - Steve Rude is a comic book artist. He has done The Moth and Nexus and some art on other comics too.