Thursday, June 28, 2007

Diamond Comic Shop Locator Kiosks

From our Diamond Daily email...

As part of its improved trade show presence debuting at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego, Diamond will introduce a computerized kiosk designed to introduce consumers to the Comic Shop Locator Service (CSLS) and the thousands of specialty retailers it represents!

Available at Diamond’s all-new booth, the kiosk will attract passersby with flashing messages, inviting them to find their local comic shop and receive coupons for Previews, Gemstone Publishing’s EC Archives and Disney Comics and admission to Geppi’s EntertainmentMuseum. Furthermore, different coupons will be available as the convention season progresses.

After touching the kiosk’s screen, users will be able to enter their ZIP code to view a listing of comic shops in their area. Better still, they’ll have the option to look at those stores’ online CSLS profiles when available, giving them a wealth of information about participating businesses. Users can then print the list of comic shops, with coupons attached.

Finally, kiosk visitors will have the option to join an email mailing list to get the latest updates on industry events, new products, additional coupons and much more from Diamond and its vendors. The kiosk will be present at each convention and trade show that Diamond attends, helping to gain new customers for stores in the area.

“There’s no better tool for putting potential new consumers into our customers’ stores than the Comic Shop Locator Service, and we believe that the CSLS kiosk will go a long way towards making that happen,” said Diamond Director of Marketing Dan Manser. “We’re also interested in hearing retailers’ reactions to the kiosk, and invite any suggestions on how we can improve it down the road.”

Interesting. On one hand I'm really glad they're pushing the Comic Shop Locator Service. On the other hand, I'm not sure how the whole thing will work out. If you see one of these kiosks at a convention check it out and let me know what you think of it.

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