Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Halo Clix - Press Release

Attention Soldier!

A friend of yours has offered your name for recruitment to the USNC to assist Master Chief in our battle against Convenant forces.

To continue your training, you will immediately log on to www.haloactionclix.com and become familiar with the weaponry, tactics, and strategy in Halo ActionClix,the new tabletop 3-D miniatures game based on the Halo universe.

With over 90 different figures, vehicles, and 3-D objects, Halo ActionClix brings the fight from your television monitor to your game table with highly detailed sculpted and painted figures, fast-paced game play, and the ability to play with two or more players at a time.

At www.haloactionclix.com, you can join a community of thousands of ActionClix players, find Halo ActionClix reatailers near you, and download exclusive game scenarios to broaden your game play experience.

Stay sharp solder, because although Halo ActionClix lands this September in stores near you, there are special Prerelease promotions and exclusives that you'll want to be aware of. The Covenant is everywhere, and only the sharpest recruits will be victorious.

That is all for now. We'll brief you further on your mission when you log in.


note - this was received from Wizkids in an email - I did not write it, but I thought it was cleverly done, so I'm sharing it. The photo was added for interest, by me, and was not sent and is not part of the Halo Clix game.

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Scott King said...

its a little wierd... at least to me. If i'm going to play a Halo game... i want to play HALO, not heroclix. But to each his own.