Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Incredible Hulk Party: The Pre-Party

Tomorrow is World War Hulk #1. To celebrate and generate fun and interest in it we're going all out and throwing the Hulk a Welcome Home party. We've got green punch, cookies with green frosting, green balloons, green streamers, Hulk Pez and Hulk Posters, Hulk T-Shirts... all kinds of cool stuff to see and get for free for anyone who comes in. We're also going to take pictures of Hulk when he punches our guests and put them on the web site. (I'll have to put them on Flickr too, so you can use the Flickr link on the blog to see them once they're up there.)

To my surprise, Craig also picked up two green wigs and some green face makeup. He has decided to get more into it than I'd expected! So, it looks like we'll be really green tomorrow - should be pretty funny so if you're in the area I'd recommend stopping by. You'll get free stuff and a chance to laugh your head off at Craig & I. As I said, pictures to come, for those of you who just can't get here.


Scott King said...

No GREEN tea?

Man did you guys buy the cookies and punch and stuff or did you make it all? If so, I had no idea you all could bake.

Lisa said...

We bought pre-made cookies and frosting that we're going to color green with some food coloring. So the cookies and frosting are made, but we've got to put the frosting on.

We can bake. Craig's actually a really good cook, and I used to make DOZENS of cookies for Christmas. But we just don't have the time for all that now. Plus it's hot outside so we don't want to have to have the oven on. We'll be rushed enough just frosting the things.

scottking said...

I need to come to Wisconsin sometime just so I can see if Craig really can cook and I guess if I'm there anyway I could checkout the store for the first time.

Lisa said...

Well, if your hands are all goopy from eating fresh baked goods then we won't let you into the store. We can't have all of the cool stuff getting covered in baked good remains.