Monday, June 11, 2007

What I Did This Weekend

On Saturday Craig and I decided that we needed to do something other than just sit and watch TV, especially now that there isn't much new on TV and our TiVo is fairly empty.

What did we come up with? Renting some games for the PS2.

We rented Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End and Gran Turismo 4.

Because Pirates was new, we only rented it for two nights, but Gran Turismo was older, so we've got it for a week. We played Pirates completely through - a rare thing for us to do in a weekend. It's fairly easy as most of the game is just key mashing as you sword fight, and plays through quickly. Still, the visuals were pretty cool. The story includes the end of the second movie and then goes from there - but there are of course parts left out and some story changes to make it all fit.

Because Pirates had to go back, we spent most of our game time playing that, but we did do a few races in Gran Turismo. In that game, when you finish a race it will replay it as if you were watching the race. Oh my gosh! I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Our dog ran over and kept trying to calm me down because she had no idea why I was making such noises. The replay was HILARIOUS!! We don't have one of those driving wheel controllers - we've just got a regular old PS2 controller, so the slightest move on that can create HUGE swerves while driving your car, especially if it's a fast car. Many of the tracks have some tight corners too. The race played back looked like there were two drunk teens racing - we were just all over the place and once I even went off the track and then got back on and started to go the wrong way. Craig was just as bad - at one point he stopped horizontally on the track in front of me and I had to ram his car out of the way. Oh my gosh it was SO funny to watch.

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