Friday, June 01, 2007

When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master

This past Sunday Craig got a small group of people together at the store after we closed to play the new Star Wars Miniatures set: Alliance and Empire. It was kind of a new minis release event, plus a little bit of Happy 30th anniversary Star Wars.

I have only played the Star Wars minis game once before this. Craig loves it and plays every month or so with a couple of guys who buy minis here. And once he wanted to test out some stuff so he asked me to play the game with him.

Typically I don't like to play games - I grew up playing very few. And, I tend to be a bad winner and a sore looser. Often if I loose a game once or twice I won't play anymore. The one time Craig had me play Star Wars minis I lost, and haven't played again since, until last Sunday.

The game was a booster draft - meaning that people got a couple of boosters of the Alliance and Empire set and opened it right there and had to make a 120 point team out of whatever they got inside those boosters. This helps out people like me who don't play that much because we don't have to worry as much about being "out teamed." Most people who opened packs didn't get any really strong pieces, so there didn't seem to be one person who had such a good team that they'd be able to crush everyone else. In fact one guy seemed to get two of the weakest and most useless pieces there are in the set: Spirit of Obi-Wan and Wicket. (yes, I'm talking about you, Jeff) There were a couple of other people at the game who don't play the game a lot, or at all, so that also helped even the playing field.

It was a three-round game and believe it or not, in the last round I was in the championship playoff. It's really all thanks to that Han Solo piece you see in the picture to the front left - he's a great piece. I ended up loosing the playoff to a guy who had a lot more experience playing than I had. Although if Craig had called the end time about 10 minutes sooner, before my opponent had KO'ed my Han Solo, I think I'd have won. I even beat Craig! Which, believe it or not, he's excited about because he suspects that, having won, I'll be more willing to play in the future.

The group we played with was fun - they were pretty laid back and didn't mind giving people like me who didn't know much about how to play the game, a little bit of time and assistance. And the game is pretty cool. The pieces are very detailed and this is the 30th Anniversary set so there are a lot of nice pieces that show bits of Star Wars during those early years. I was trying to get out of having to play (Craig kind of volunteered me) but afterward I was glad I did. It was really a lot of fun.

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