Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Office - Best 1/2 hour in TV!

When the Office first started I blew it off. I don't watch a lot of comedy TV because most of it, well it just isn't funny. But Craig watched an episode in season two and said, "why aren't we watching this? It's so funny!" So we set the TiVo for the show and we were hooked.

Scott King had the Schrutebuck on his blog and I printed one out (it's the one pictured). I hung it up in the store behind the register and we've gotten a couple dozen comments about it. People think it's hilarious!

Are you an Office fan? What's your favorite episode? Mine is ep #21 from this season - the one where the dirty watermark is on the paper. SO funny!

I must admit - this is one show I'm going to miss over the summer. And I've already placed my pre-order for the DVD. I don't get a lot of TV series on DVD because I just don't have time to watch them. But The Office is just too funny for me to not find time for.


Scott King said...

I HATE re-watching shows. It drives me nuts. There are only a handful of TV shows that no matter what I can just keep watching episodes over and over again... "The Office" is the best for that. I have every episode downloaded on my computer and sometimes when doing work I put it on for background noise instead of music. Suchhhhhhhhhhhhh a great show.

Scott King said...

Oh yeah. also sooooooooo funny you have a ShruteBuck hanging in the store. LOL

That's why I buy my comics at Neptune Comics!

Lisa said...

That SchruteBuck is so fun - it gives people something to talk about while they're waiting for their credit card to process or for us to bag their books or whatever. It's a fun ice breaker! I'm glad you put it on your blog so that I could swipe it and hang it up.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, you are officially related somehow... The Office is absolutely my favorite show, bar none! I get upset if I have to miss a new episode, and if people call during it, I find it hard to pay attention to them. Yep, I am addicted.

Lisa said...

LOL Heidi! Long lost cousins or something.