Tuesday, July 17, 2007

P.O.W.E.R. In Comics - Potential Logos

I am very lucky to have some great customers at my store! Last week one, along with his wife, volunteered to make us some logos for this group.

I think, and I believe at least one other member expressed, that we really should have a logo, in order to make us a bit more "official."

This is a batch of logos, all variations on a theme. They said they can take any one of them and change/add colors and stuff.

So, everyone look them over and let me know which one or ones you like the best. Then I can get back to them with our choice. If you don't like any, and have a different idea for logo, let me know that too and I can see what they can do with new ideas.


James Meeley said...

My three favorite designs (starting at the top left as #1, going across each row and then starting again at the same place in the next row) are: #3, #7 & #9.

I think any of those three would be a great logo for the group. You'll have to let me know which one you ultimately use.

Lisa said...

Thanks for your input, James. I'm partial to #6 and #7 myself.

Richard Melendez said...
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Richard Melendez said...

Following the same number assignments, I'm partial to #2. It's understated, and could probably be punched up a bit more, but I like it because a) it looks gender neutral (this organization is not only for women, afterall), and b) it doesn't incorporate the usual tropes one sees in logs that involve comics (the BAM/POW look, if you will). The upward pointing arrow, and the blocks standing in unison further convey the mission of the group, methinks. Otherwise, I also like #1 (not often you can work a heart into a logo and have it look cool), and #3 and/or #6, because despite my earlier misgivings about cliched BAM/POW tropes, it still looks pretty cool with that old-school comic book look. My two cents. :-)

s minstrel said...

daughter of neptune,
i like the second one (the housie styled)and the last one (thoug p'haps not in orange).

in virtual sinceritry,
minstrel, son of roswell