Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sequential Tart July

The new Sequential Tart issue is on the site. And we're doing things different this time around.

First, there was a theme this time (food) and that hasn't been done since I started writing for them (although I think they did do it before). The other new thing is that instead of putting all of the 'zine on at once, we're releasing new stuff each week. That way there's something new to check out every week - to keep readers coming back as well as getting people to read more of the articles by spacing them out. I think it's an interesting idea! Especially in this information age where once a month information dumps just isn't enough for people - you know who you are.

Anyway... this week my interview with Scott McCloud's wife and two daughters is on the site. It's a fun read where we talk about the good and bad of being homeless world travelers for nearly a year. You should read it! I have a couple of other bits that will be coming up later in the month too, so stay tuned.

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