Friday, August 24, 2007

Marvel Announces Dark Tower Sequel

Today Marvel Comics announced some basic info for their next installment of the Stephen King Dark Tower comics. The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home – will premiere this February! It is slated to be a 5-issue series with the same creative team of Peter David writing and Jae Lee & Richard Isanove doing the art. The story will pick up where Gunslinger Born left off.

Plus, attendees at Diamond and Alliance's Retailer Summit in Baltimore on September 10-11 can get a special first look at the new project. And you know what, it just so happens that I'll be at that summit!

I am glad that they are continuing the Dark Tower series. It was our best selling non-super hero comic to-date, and it even sold better than a lot of super hero comics. As long as Marvel and Stephen King continue to promote the comic series and as long as the creators continue to put out quality work, I'm fully behind the project and look forward to our sneak peak at the summit.

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