Friday, August 03, 2007

The Spirit Movie News

Frank Miller is going to be the sole director for the movie, The Spirit. This is his first time serving as the only director on a movie. The Spirit is a series of comics written by Will Eisner.

It was just announced that Miller is looking to Gabriel Macht to star in the film. It also appears that he will be in Greg Rucka's graphic novel turned movie, Whiteout, but I'm not sure in what role.

Macht will play the title character in The Spirit, a man who has faked his own death so he can battle crime from the shadows of Central City. He runs up against the Octopus, a villain who's bent on wiping out the entire city and who kills anyone unlucky enough to see his face.

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Ben from Arizona said...


This guy?


It'd be nice if they use some of Darwyn Cooke's material in the movie, but I'm guessing Miller's gonna go Eisner retro.

Here's hoping it doesn't suck as much as "The Shadow" and "The Phantom" did.