Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ultimately Unbelievable

I was just reading this week's Comic Shop News, and you won't believe what it said!

Remember Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk? We saw two issues of it and then it stopped. Time went by, then more time, then the whole thing became a joke about lateness and the problems with using TV writers to do comic books.

Well, according to Comic Shop News, Damon Lindelof says he has finished the script for Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk # & 4, and should finish #5 in the next couple of weeks.

I kid you not! Seriously! This is not some kind of August Fools joke.

Of course, no mention is made of the art being done. I think Leinil Francis Yu has moved on to other projects, so who knows when he'll be available to do that part.

Marvel says it won't reappear in the Previews catalog until all six issues are fully completed. (Hmmm... maybe they should have thought of that a couple of years ago, before they teased us with two issues and then took it away.) I am not sure if they will reprint the first two issues, but I bet they do. Maybe in a single-issue comic that has both issues inside it. That's what they've done with similar situations. So, don't expect it to show up in a Previews any time in 2007, but maybe this time 2008 we'll see issue #3 become available for orders.


Ben from Arizona said...

NO WAY!!!!

..okay, i won't celebrate until i see #3... but i await with bated breath.

James Meeley said...

Let's start taking vegas-style bets on this: Which issue see the shelf first - Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine or All-Star Batman And Robin #7.

Places yer bets, folks, place yer bets right here! ;)

Lisa said...

Since A.S. Batman has been in the Previews catalog, I'm going to take a crazy leap and bet on that one. However, it could be a close race.

Ben from Arizona said...

Seems to me the "goddamn" Batman is re-maintaining it's bi-monthly schedule. The easy money is on that one. I'm betting we don't see Ultimate Wolvie v. Hulk until March '08. They're gonna have to get a new artist or pull Lenil Yu off of New Avengers or something. No idea if they'd let him draw BOTH books, considering Marvel would catch HELL if New Avengers was ever late.