Monday, August 13, 2007

Wizard World Chicago 2007

My WWC 07 photos are now posted to Flickr.

We had a lot of fun. It's funny because in years past one day at the con seemed like more than enough... we were usually bored and exhausted by 5 pm. But this year, with knowing more people and standing in line for a sketch from David Finch, going to the Cup O Joe Panel, etc. it seemed like 6 pm wasn't quite late enough.

Of course we'd already had the bus reserved and paid for when we found out about the Batman Dark Knight peak they were doing starting at 6 pm. We had some bus riders get wrist bands, but we had to tell them that unfortunately the bus was scheduled to leave at 6. It would have been nice to have the information a week or two ahead of time so that we could have contacted the coach line to see how much more it might cost for the extra hour of time.

We got to talk to Sal Abinanti about his new baby, to Sean McKeever about working for DC, to David Finch as he sketched about a "how to draw" DVD he's helping bring to market, to Jonnie Allan the creator of Stykman about the difficulties of being an independent publisher dealing with Diamond, to Mike Norton about drawing Teen Titans Go!, to Jamal Igle about P.O.W.E.R. in Comics and art in general, to fellow retailers and old friends... it was a great day.

For even MORE pictures, check out here, here, toys here, be sure to check out the costume contest photos here, star wars fans here.

Some random observations -- It didn't seem as crowded this year - still lots of people, but it wasn't ass-to-elbow as it has been in years past.
I saw a few spaces with no booths set up in the vendor area, and some vendors selling things completely not related to comics.
The fighting ring was still there, but this time it was at floor level instead of ring level - much less annoying.
There were LOTS of empty tables in artist alley - not sure if they were there Friday and not feeling well on Saturday or had sketch lists filled up and didn't bother to come to the con floor, or if they just were empty tables.
It seemed like there were more vendors selling lots and lots of toys and fewer selling comics and statues this year compared to the last couple of years.
Not as many impressive costumes this year, and for some reason a LOT of Poison Ivy costumes on Saturday.
It seemed like there was a slightly larger percentage of women present this year compared to last, but I have no solid data on that.
Turns out that an artist I thought was a pompus ass is just that.
Again this year it felt like they turned the air conditioning off around 3 pm as the con began to get stuffy around 3:30 and was downright ripe by 6 pm.


Scott King said...

Didn't learn anything super juicy? No big scoops?

Lisa said...

Not really. It was kind of disappointing. I think the big event was the Batman Dark Knight sneak peak and we couldn't stay for that.

Cap Am might be coming back - courtesy of Alex Ross, who won't be doing interior art only covers and "design" for a supposedly in continuity Marvel comic.

Changing Fantastic Four - numbering, writer and artist because numbers are bad.

Changing Ultimate Universe because apparently people are easily confused with the regular and ultimate universes, so they're going to do something to make it clear that they're not the same. What? No idea, but it will probably involve canceling some titles.