Friday, August 10, 2007

Wizard World Chicago - Day 1 Summary

To help out all of you busy folks who just don't have time to go to every single comic book web site and read about all of the panels just to glean a few bits of new comic book news, I have gone to the trouble of monitoring them through the day, and assembled a list of things that seemed like they were newer news, and maybe important or at least a little bit interesting, from the two big comic publishers - Marvel and DC comics.

Tomorrow we'll be at the convention with our bus full of Neptune Comics customers. If you're there, look for us. I will probably have either a Sequential Tart T-shirt on or a Neptune Comics T-shirt on, and we'll have a big Neptune Comics tote bag too. We will probably only go to maybe one panel, so I'll have to get most of tomorrow's announcements off of the web too. I'll bring the camera, so watch for pictures to be uploaded - probably on Monday since I've got the day off on Sunday.

Marvel Stuff...

The Skrull “can of worms” has been planned for 3 years and is going to be culminating in spring of next year.

Runaways’ current printing schedule... #28 of the series is delayed until October

Ultimates 3 should start shipping December 2007, and Ed McGuiness’s run is still scheduled for after that.

The Ultimate Universe was asked about, prompting Rob and Joe to joke about the “blowing up” of the Universe, followed by the tease of an announcement later this year about the Ultimate U.

Eye of the Camera, the sequel to Marvels, has three issues done, with one more to complete. When it’s done, they’ll solicit and start it.

Quesada thinks Mary Jane is a great character. He just doesn’t think their marriage works.

Quesada said that his “dead is dead” policy went away because he just plain changed his mind.

As for his [Mark Millar’s] new, still unnamed series with Hitch, Millar said that four and a half issues have been done already and it, “makes Ultimates look like shit.” The run on the series starts in January, but has to wait until tomorrow to announce what it is - at the Civil War and Remembrance panel.

Issue #100 of Exiles starts a new arc for that series, it was announced. A crossover with New Excalibur ends Claremont’s run on the latter book. Fans were told to look for interesting new developments with Blink

The Astonishing cast will probably remain the same when Ellis and Bianchi take over

DC Stuff...

Didio said that the crowd shouldn’t be surprised if a third weekly series launches after the completion of Countdown

DiDio then announced Countdown: Arena, calling it “the ultimate fanboy book.” As DiDio explained it, there will be multiverse versions of recognizable characters fighting each other to be among Monarch’s generals. The four issue weekly series will ship in December, with readers voting on to decide some of the winners.

A fan asked about the Marv Wolfman-written Raven mini-series; and it was said that it will be coming out end of this year or the beginning of next year. DiDio said that they wanted to get a bunch of the work in the can before they started shipping that miniseries.

Any Cassandra Cain plans? Yes, definitely. DiDio said.

Terra? March of next year.

All Star Batgirl: On hold

What happened to the Dr. Fate series? It is now part of Countdown to Mystery

Absolute Superman? Some in 2008

Manhunter: Waiting on on Marc Andreyko, probably see more of her in Birds of Prey.

Starting with Issue #670 Batman will begin “The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul.” an 8-part story that crosses into Robin, Nightwing, Detective and Batman in November and December. Tony Daniel will be Batman's new ongoing artist (YES!!!) Grant Morrison and Paul Dini will write the Batman and Detective chapters, of course, while guest writers Peter Milligan and Fabian Nicieza step in for two months to pen Robin and Nightwing, respectively. Freddie E. Williams stays on as Robin artist, while Don Kramer moves over to take on the two Nightwing chapters. And to cap things off, Wildstorm regular Ryan Benjamin will draw the two Detective installments.

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