Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Marvel December Solicits - my opinions

Click here to see the solicitation, courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Looks like Marvel's got some fun stuff on the way as 2007 wraps up.

  • Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad looks cool. (pictured)
  • Ultimate Iron Man 2 - I liked the first one, so we'll see how this one goes.
  • Looks like I'll have to go back and catch up on the Captain America series - Brubaker is great and the story line for this arc really sounds better and better with each issue.
  • The Marvel Holiday Special is in this Previews - be sure to pre-order a copy because these are usually fun, and I know they usually sell out fairly quickly.
  • Did you notice, the Marvel cover that people had seen about a month ago that had the internets buzzing with rumor and speculation turns out to be the cover for the "What If Civil War" issue. That was my guess from the beginning.
  • Another Criminal trade comes out - this would be a great gift item. Each story is a stand-alone, so no need to buy the volume 1, unless of course you want to, because that one is good too.
  • Power Pack is fun stuff, there's no denying that. But do we REALLY need a Power Pack Premiere Hard Cover with a price tag of $25? I'm thinking NO.
  • Did you notice that Ultimates 3 is only 5 issues?!? Yep, it's true. And Loeb and Madueira have had so long to work on it, since it was announced, what, a year ago, or was it two??? They probably could actually have all five issues done by now.
  • Only 1 Annihilation comic in December - that makes me sad. This is really pretty good stuff!
  • ANOTHER Fantastic Four one-shot?? Is that necessary? How about you focus on getting the regular title out and making it good? Huuh? How about that? I know, it's a crazy idea.

The Mini-Series/One-Shot Count for December for Marvel:

  • 4 new mini-series starting
  • 11 one-shot comics scheduled
  • 2 solicitations for the final issue of a mini-series
  • 16 issues scheduled to come out in December that are mid-series mini-series.
A grand total of: 33 mini-series for Marvel solicited in the December Previews. Note - this does NOT include any of their Max titles.


Anonymous said...

why are you ripping on the power pack HC?

Look at it this way: you could have bought the 12 issues it collects, complete with ads, for $36, or you could buy the 3 teeny-tiny marvel digests for $21 total, or the nicely bound, oversized HC for $25.

I think we have a winner.

Lisa said...

Typically "premiere" hard cover books are purchased by a more "hard core" buyer who wants to collect the hard covers and have them look nice on a shelf. Power Pack doesn't really lend itself to that - they are an all age book perfectly suited for a digest, and digests sell very well in both book stores and comic book stores.

Most people, from my observations, will NOT spend $25 for a book for their child, and usually won't spend that for a non-mainstream comic book character's book for themselves. Disney can get away with it, Marvel can do it for Spider-Man and other major characters, but I just don't see people clamoring for a $25 hard cover of Power Pack. $7 digests, sure, but not hard covers.

Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly can't argue about what sells - I'm sure the digests are much more profitable.

Personally, I'm getting this HC for my kids, along with the marvel adventures FF HC solicited in last month's previews - just seems like a nicer product and a better value.

I'd like to say as well that I think Marvel's oversized HC program is amazing, overlooked, and I wish DC would emulate it. In general, they collect as many issues as 2 trades, for the price of 2 trades, but in a much nicer package. DC has lots of material, especially Vertigo stuff, that would benefit from the same treatment