Saturday, September 15, 2007


Superman fans MUST head to their favorite video outlet this Tuesday!! Both The Superman Vs. Doomsday animated DVD AND the Smallville Season 6 DVD come out that day. I know we'll have the Superman Vs. Doomsday available in the store for purchase.

Season Six of Smallville was one of the best. I think seasons five and six have been, far and away, the best. If you've never watched the show, pick up season five now, and then check out season six when it comes out next week. Then get ready to watch season seven. It is REALLY good stuff - and they introduce the Justice League in season six with a kick-butt episode mid-season. That episode alone is worth picking this up!

Smallville fans, and non-fans for that matter, should join the Smallville myspace page. If you are a spoiler fan, Krypton Site is another cool place to check out spoilers and rumors for the coming episodes.


J.R. said...

Really? Seasons 5 and 6 were two of the best? I thought seasons 1 through 3 were great and then things started falling apart in the 4th. It's turned into a super-hero soap opera instead of the great origin story that it used to be.

Lisa said...

The 4th is my least favorite season. I think that continues a bit into the early part of the 5th, but then it starts to turn around. The bad guys get much badder and Lex starts to show his dark side, and it just keeps getting darker.

J.R. said...

I will admit that I loved James Marsters as Brainiac... and for a while I was digging a darker Lex. But every time he goes dark they reign him back in. And then the whole Lex-Lana marriage-baby thing with Clark as the third wheel was just upsetting to me. That's when it stopped flirting with being a soap opera and just went head on into it. And the Clark-Lana thing is so played out.

I'm slightly more optimistic about this next season because the writer (Steven S. DeKnight) that brought in many of those changes has left the show. Still, after last season I sold all my DVD sets. I was embarrassed to have it on my shelf after the 5th and 6th seasons.