Saturday, September 15, 2007

When They Used to Make Comics for Women

Love Romances #30, Circa 1953

If you traveled back in time, to the era of comic book racks in grocery stores, especially in the 1950's - late 1960's, you see comics made for females. Yep, gals were a market that comic books catered to. Now, keep in mind that the woman of the 1960's was a very different woman than today.

But, you would see adds that are specifically targeted for women. I can't think of a comic, even Wonder Woman, that I've recently read that had an ad specifically targeting women. If you can, please pass it on, because I sure can't.

Anyway, I wanted to take you all back in time and share a bit of this nostalgia. This stuff was "hip" in the day, so the fashion and stories, while a bit offensive to many of today's woman, were acceptable and even idyllic.

The super skinny wastes make me laugh. And we complain about unrealistic women today - that third page in the top left panel - her waste is as thick as her arm. And how about the first page, where the cute lady cuts her shrubs with her hair and makeup done and a cute little outfit on.

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Marg. said...

I love the "reducing" gum ad. Sorbitol is a laxative (that would presumably be how this works). You can actually buy equivalent gum at the checkout today...