Friday, September 28, 2007

Workshed Studio

You probably missed them, well I KNOW you missed them since almost no one came in while they were here -- the guys from Workshed Studio in Milwaukee. They were here on Wednesday and since Diamond screwed up getting our comics to us, people just weren't coming in. Seriously - you should have stopped by. Not only were we giving 10% off coupons out to anyone who came in on Wednesday, you could have met these three cool comic cats.

Al, Randy and Justin were ready to meet and greet, but instead they got to chat with me, and a bit with Craig. The guys have been friends since high school, and have been "Workshed" for about seven years.

They brought us a bunch of copies of their first anthology: Sawdust. It contains a bunch of stories done by a variety of people, including the Workshed guys of course. If you are a fan of horror comics, then check this book out. The first story arc is called "Fade," and has a man who has to fight demons. "Ebon Guard," is the second set of stories, where it's Ninjas vs assorted bad guys including vampires. The final is "Worldwide Solutions," and that one has stories about black ops vs supernatural menaces. Some of the mini-stories within the story are 20 pages, some 4, with varied art styles. Something for everyone in this book, all for only $12. It isn't in Previews, so you can't just get this one anywhere, you have to get it directly from Workshed or from the special stores like Neptune that carry it.

You can visit the Workshed Studio web site to learn more about the guys and their comics.
And be sure to check out their blog too.

I felt pretty bad that the day they picked to come turned out to be the day Diamond screwed up our shipping. Hopefully they can come back again and give everyone another chance to meet them. They really are cool guys and fun to talk geek with! They were even ready to do sketches for anyone interested - so if they DO come back I expect some people to come in and hang with them and get a sketch or something done too. We try to support local creators here - and I want to see our customers do the same!

Thanks to the Workshed guys for coming by and hanging out, and understanding!!!

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